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A Trio of Bold & Beautiful Desks by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is back on our televisions, lighting up the screen with his starring role in Changing Rooms. And for those who would like a piece of his exquisite creativity in their homes, head over the the website of home office essentials retailer The House Office, because they're currently stocking a new range of desks designed by the king of maximalism.

The three-strong collection of console tables combine sleek elegance with bold art to create a truly striking office centrepiece.

The Avanti Shangri-La Console Table

Dominated by a deep blue hue, with a delicate pattern of flowers and birds in contrasting gold.

Avanti Mayfair Lady

A floral masterpiece, which brings together mid-century vibes and a burst of colour.

Avanti Club Tropicana

Is everything the name suggests with its swathe of palm leaves dominating the desk.

Sara Dawson, Founder of The House Office, said: “A desk might be something of an office essential, but it can still be fabulous, as this trio designed by Laurence shows.

“Laurence is someone who is never afraid to push the boundaries of interior design. And like all his signature makeovers, these desks are vibrant, maximalist and exude personality.

“These gorgeous desks are both fun and functional, and are sure to bring character to even the most corporate of home office spaces.”


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