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About Me

The idea for The Ebury Collection Lifestyle Interior Design evolved while I was running my online home interiors & decor store of the same name between 2016 - 2019 following the countless interior design & interior styling questions sliding into my DM's from customers asking me whether I could assist them with implementing their purchases from my online shop into their home or whether I could source a specific piece of art for them because they couldn't find anything that they liked within my online art gallery. 

Around this time I was also in the middle of my own major interior design renovation project and whilst I sometimes felt overwhelmed by the complexities of the renovation, I  became inspired by the level of detail that goes into an interior design  project.

So, in 2019 I achieved a Distinction on my Interior Design Diploma, which I studied for 1 year while working full time and working on my interior design project!


Once I graduated I became a Member of The British Institute of Interior Design, because I wanted to enhance the knowledge that I had gained from my course and on my own project. I also wanted to learn from my peers so that I could then translate my design ideas in an objective & professional way for future clients.

What I create for clients is borne from a genuine desire to create their "dream home" and this can only come from my learning about each client on a personal level so that we can collaborate together. This approach means that I keep them involved in each step of the process to ensure that my Design Concept is above and beyond what they had in mind; with the end result being an inspiring space which elevates their home lifestyle and promotes well-being and their idea of tranquility.


This is why (I think!) I have never experienced a client's rejection of my initial design ideas.


Get in touch if you would like me to assist you in creating a space that you're truly proud of.

Cozy Living Room

Sabrina Cohen

Founder & Interior Designer

I have an extremely creative mind, which flourishes when immersed in art and design. I'm always working on ways to enhance your design experience. I'm here to advise you on what your space is really missing and assist you in bringing your ideas to fruition.


To explore all of the ways that we can work together...

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Mia Cousins

Digital Marketing Assistant

I love to leverage my skills and knowledge in digital marketing to drive impactful campaigns and enhance the brand's online presence. I enjoy collaborating with Sabrina, because it means that together we can make a meaningful impact together.

If you'd like to collaborate with The Ebury Collection Lifestyle or if you'd like to discuss becoming a brand partner you can... 

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