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About Me

The idea for The Ebury Collection Lifestyle Interior Design evolved while I was running my online home interiors & decor store of the same name between 2016 - 2019 following the countless interior design & interior styling questions sliding into my DM's from customers asking me whether I could assist them with implementing their purchases from my online shop into their home or whether I could source a specific piece of art for them because they couldn't find anything that they liked within my online art gallery. 

Around this time I was also in the middle of my own major interior design renovation project and whilst I sometimes felt overwhelmed by the complexities of the renovation, I  became inspired by the level of detail that goes into an interior design  project.

So, in 2019 I achieved a Distinction on my Interior Design Diploma, which I studied for 1 year whilst working full time and working on my interior design project!


Once I graduated I became a Member of The British Institute of Interior Design, because I wanted to enhance the knowledge that I had gained from my course and on my own project. I also wanted to learn from my peers so that I could then translate my design ideas in an objective & professional way for future clients.

What I create for clients is borne from a genuine desire to create their "dream home" and this can only come from my learning about each client on a personal level so that we can collaborate together. This approach means that I keep them involved in each step of the process to ensure that my Design Concept is above and beyond what they had in mind; with the end result being an inspiring space which elevates their home lifestyle and promotes well-being and their idea of tranquility.


Get in touch if you would like me to assist you in creating a space that you're truly proud of.

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Cozy Living Room

Sabrina Cohen

Interior Designer & award-winning Blogger

I have an extremely creative mind, which flourishes when immersed in art and design. I'm always working on ways to enhance your design experience. I'm here to advise you on what your space is really missing and assist you in bringing your ideas to fruition.


To explore all of the ways that we can work together...

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"We received an amazing service from The Ebury Collection Lifestyle Interiors. Sabrina has helped us to transform our living room, dining room and cloak WC room into spaces that we have always desired. It has been a pleasure working with Sabrina, as she understood what we wanted to achieve with our space and her suggestions were just spot on and fitted our budget. We used Sabrina's 'Product Selection' service, which was super easy to follow and allowed us to start the project right away. We would highly recommend Sabrina and will be using her services again for future projects."

Client: Matt Kolber, Product Selection 

"Sabrina offers a very professional service and is a lovely person to work with. She has helped me to get my design and build project off of the ground and I am looking forward to putting her ideas into action."

Client: Karen Hempstead, Residential Interior Design Project Design Pack

Sabrina is an amazing person to work with! She has listened to my needs and was able to meet my expectations within my budget!

Client: Abi Kassim, Home Office Room Design 

I found working with Sabrina a very collaborative and enjoyable experience, she is extremely professional and really listens closely to clients to reflect their requirements..

Family & Friends: Kamelia Kantcheva

"Sabrina was incredibly professional and full of ideas. She gave me so many new ideas I had never thought of (or even knew existed). She clearly explained the benefits and drawbacks of each idea. I plan on implementing some of them already. Love this service for some quick, credible advice and guidance when you're totally stuck!!".

Client: Ariane Gan, Room Design

"We contacted Sabrina to help us redesign our living room. We had a cluttered space with mismatched furniture and soft furnishings (blame TK MAXX) it wasn't the space I'd envisaged. From the initial consultation to the mood board and receiving the concepts and the list of where we could buy everything from we now have a gorgeous transformed space. Hands down our favourite room in the house, it has a cosy yet modern feel. And we've had amazing compliments from our friends and family who have come to visit. A complete transformation and we are so grateful. Thank you, Sabrina for giving me my dream space."

Client: Shereen Daniels, Room Design

I am in the early stages of planning my project to update my bathroom and I was delighted with the advice I received from Sabrina. It was great to find a designer who is able to pick up on the style that I wanted. I'm looking forward to working on this and other projects with her. 

Client: Aileen Dickson, Bathroom Design 

Sabrina is a well accomplished designer with a real creative flair for tasteful and elegant interiors.

 Family & Friends: John Ambler

It was a pleasure working alongside Sabrina in a collaborative bathroom design event. Her input was very helpful and I learned a lot from her expertise. Sabrina's passion for interior design, as well as starting her own business in the industry is truly inspiring.

Family & Friends: Lily Power

Unfortunately, not all of my clients have the time to leave me a short review, so, I'm extremely grateful to those that take the time to support me a a designer. 
Thank You!

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