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My Favourite Designs

I've been very lucky to have worked on some wonderful projects with some lovely clients. 

New build flat Dockalnds London.JPG

New Build Flat, Docklands London

This gorgeous property had lots of open & bare spaces, and gave me the chance to add many finishing touches. My client was a young single city professional who wanted to do lots of entertaining so I assisted him with the selection of modern textures and fabrics and modern stylish furniture selection and placement.

new build flat docklands london2.JPG
New Build Tunbridge Wells.JPG

Living room, Faversham, Kent

I styled this space with sleek, sophisticated decor that expressed the luxe detail desired by my clients. The owners of this space sought to add their personality to this new build and soften its formality. I used stylish furnishings and the innovative use of form and color to meet their expectations. 

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