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I'll Be Back Soon

I've had an EPIC summer and I even managed to squeeze in some lovely projects whilst meeting some great clients in the middle of it all. As you can imagine, working on a Design Concept takes a lot out of a person creatively. You're constantly "switched on", thinking about how you can make it the best possible design for your client, not forgetting all of the planning and coordinating that goes into it all.

The last time I was working on a design was in July, and quite frankly, I have enjoyed having the headspace and free time back. I also realised that in order for my creativity and passion for design to remain at its optimum, I need to take this time out to "just live" without having paint charts, fabrics and floor plans on my mind.

I'm a firm believer in having a "work/life balance" so, I need to take a break from working on interior design projects, hosting design consultations and blogging because a lot of work goes into researching, planning and collaborating with brands to bring you this wonderfully, inspiring content on top of being a designer.

You'll still be able to keep up with me on my social media platforms and I couldn't take this break without leaving you with some stunning "style sauce" in my latest YouTube video, featuring has been bringing walls to life since 2013. Specialising in made-to-measure wallpaper murals, there are 1000s of images for you to choose from by artists sourced from around the world.

You won't be able to book a design consultation or use my 'Ebury Treats' discount codes during my time away.


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