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How to Radiate Style in Your Home

I have recommended quite a few different design solutions in the past year for clients who've had unsightly radiators. From a practical upgrade with a modern aesthetic to implementing a stylish shelving solution. But the simplest design solution for turning your radiators into "hot-spots" of style is to cover them! This is my favourite option and is also the reason why I have fallen in love with the latest collection of radiator covers by My Furniture. They recently launched a glorious array of gorgeous radiator covers that can help to transform your humble home heater into a wonderful design piece.

Beneath the good looks, these iconic designs are tested to 80°C, ensuring changes in temperature are kept in check. And to allow your radiator to do its job and keep the room warm, discreet 3mm gaps between the mirrored strips allow for the easy flow of heated air.

Available in six stunning styles – ranging from classic mirrored to dazzling white and matt black – and with extendable options, I think that this My Furniture’s radiator cover collection offers a truly modern and flexible solution to an age-old design problem.


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