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*What a Host!

Happy International Women's Day! Today is the day, where globally we commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. It's also a focal point in the women's rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, and violence and abuse against women.

Pre-pandemic, it's also a day where, I would get together with my female friends for cocktails and dinner. A tradition that definitely needs reviving! So, today on the blog I want to encourage and inspire you to invite some of your most favourite and inspirational female friends to a nice evening of delicious food and good wine. And to assist me, I've teamed up with Melanie, previously an Event Organiser who has been responsible for organising luxury events for high-end brands, such as, Givenchy, Carmen Steffens, Estée Lauder, Warner Bros, MAC, Hilton & Marriot Hotels. She is also the woman behind the stylish homeware brand 'What a Host'.

I'm excited about this collaboration because I personally adore the brand's concept. I also love hosting dinner parties and home entertaining and the magical feeling of laying a nice table for my guests. Table decor is so much fun to do and I like to impress with mine. More so on special occasions. My passion for stylish table settings was something I developed as a youngster when helping both of my grandmother's set the table for Sunday dinner or a dinner party. It took me a while to understand why I was being asked to polish the silverware even though to me, it looked all shiny and "good as new" in it's display box (it was always washed and polished after each use!) and ready to be placed straight onto the table next to the crystal glasses and fine bone china crockery.

I recently chose to have black cutlery in my home for every day use. I fancied a complete change from the usual silver or gold. And I now have a lovely "special occasion" set along with some other stunning pieces of table decor (thank you Melanie! :o). The other amazing convenience about 'What a Host', is that you can literally "shop the look" all in one place.

I've chosen to highlight the black stainless steel cutlery available on Melanie's website, along with some of the other lovely table decor items, to inspire you to give your table decor an effortless and sophisticated look that all of your girlfriends will love. Bon Appétit!

*This is a sponsored blog post.


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