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Uplifting Decor Ideas: Candles

A few weeks ago I published my first self made YouTube video, in which, I highlighted simple decor ideas that you can do around your home, that will help you to maintain a positive outlook while we get through this peculiar time.

One of my suggestions, was for you to place some candles around your home. Unscented can create a warm, encompassing, and protective environment at night. While scented have been proven to reduce feelings of fear and anxiety.

Psychotherapist, CBT & Counsellor, Chryssa Chalkia suggests, that for those struggling to maintain a positive outlook during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of citrus-scented candles, which are proven to "lift your spirits and boost your energy" is a good idea for you.

The White Company are one of my favourite brands when it comes to anything scented. So, to get you started, I've highlighted a small but decadent selection from their scented candle range, because I know that they'll smell simply divine.

Seychelles - A personal favourite, from their signature scents collection.

The base scent notes are: Bergamot, Amber & Vanilla.

"Like a warm Indian Ocean breeze, our much-loved soothing Seychelles combines evocative bergamot, bright orange and fresh coconut, with a hint of green jasmine, warming amber and buttery vanilla...." The White Company

Spring - one thing I love about where I live, is that I don't have to wait until spring to hear the spirit lifting bird song that I get every morning and during the day. It's a truly, truly beautiful sound of life, which is so needed right now. The base scent notes are: Honeysuckle, Rose and cut grass.

"Spring is the fresh and fragrant scent of a glorious Spring day. Light and sweet notes of honeysuckle, rose, jasmine and lilac combine with the earthy aroma of freshly mown grass..." The White Company

Spa - no full on pampering session would be worth it without this one. For years, I've always had what I call my "spa night" this candle is a perfect one if you're having a quick "no frills" Monday night bath because the working week has been that bad.

The base scent notes are: Pink Pepper, Petitgrain & Cedarwood.

"Imagine the scent of a soul reviving Nordic spa. Wonderfully warming notes of spicy pink pepper, petitgrain and cedarwood, combined with bright geranium and calming lavender all help to soothe the mind beautifully..." The White Company

Wild Rhubarb - I have not smelt this one. But rhubarb reminds me of when me and my childhood friends, brothers and cousin were obsessed with making rhubarb crumble and so we used to sometimes risk our lives when out rhubarb picking lol!!. We ate so much of it, that's probably why I now cannot stand rhubarb crumble. But this candle makes it onto my list, just because of the wonderful memories it brings to my mind. Actually, I think I will buy this one too.

"Inspired by crisp Autumnal walks and simple seasonal pleasures. The sweet, dewy notes of freesia buds, plum blossom and juicy red apples are balanced by the tartness of ripe rhubarb. Vibrant, uplifting and deliciously comforting..." The White Company

To find additional ways to enhance your mood during covid19, view my video.


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