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Let's Have a Sleep Over! #Covid19

I know! I am terrible at not letting go of the fact that, I would never be hired by a UK newspaper to come up with the headlines for its stories. However, it will not stop me from putting myself out there and showing them my creative skills! :o)

With that being said, it's actually the daily news that has been the inspiration behind my article today. Well that and the fact that I thought it would tie in nicely with me highlighting my latest site advertiser.

From this week, we have been told that we can only meet up in groups of up to 6 people, unless, we're going to work, school, or on public transport. Basically, no more than 6 people for fun and games!

I think that this is the perfect opportunity to have a sleep over or a slumber party!! Don't worry if you don't have the space. have a wonderful variety of sofa beds available so why not use it as an excuse to buy a new sofa?! I'm impressed at the variety of styles that they have. I also had no idea you could get a corner sofa as a sofa bed!!! came onboard around a month ago, and I think they are a great place for my readers and clients to shop. They are affordably stylish, which as you know is one of my requirements when I am shopping for my own home. So I am more than happy to endorse them and I am flattered to be asked to be affiliated with them.

Check out their 'Ebury Treat' which is available until the 28th September.


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