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How to Style Your Sofa

Considering the world is in the midst of a Pandemic and many other negative events, we've got to steal joy from wherever we can. The month of May has not only provided some much needed sunny weather; this month has been a welcome distraction and very encouraging for me and my new startup! Not only did I become an approved publisher with online furniture retailer, I was also asked to take part in the IFI World Interiors Day - thanks to the lovely team at BIID! They reached out to their members, to ask us to give a short interior design tip that they would be sharing on their Instagram. And while I have quite a few good ones up my sleeve, my priority was to keep it brief while making sure you folks had a useful and practical "takeaway". :o)

So, after a little thinking, I decided on sofa styling because the design and textile options are quite varied, you can really let your inner "fashion stylist" take over. Your choices are a fabulous way to let your personality shine too. The sofa is a piece of furniture that is such a major part of any living space, and more often than not, people tend to finish them with cushions and or throws.

They are a major focal point no matter the size of the room, so I thought that basing my tip on this interior item would help more people regardless of their budget, and level of enthusiasm for interior design.

So in my 28 seconds I managed to tell you how to get started with your collection. So today on the blog I thought it would be a good idea to elaborate on the various ways you can style them.

Ultimately, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to dump a load of cushions on your sofa, but, if you want them to look good, then I think my advice below is a good starting point.

Good luck with bringing your collection to life, but if you're still unsure, get in touch with me! xx


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