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Design Ideas Inspired by Netflix Show, Bridgerton

I watched the final episode of season 2 a few nights ago, and it's a bitter-sweet feeling because I was going to try to stretch it out for a couple of months, as I did with season 1 by watching it weekly. However, the storyline had me so intrigued and I ended up watching one episode daily!

Despite the fact that season 2 of Bridgerton had one of the most successful opening weekends of an English language show, meaning it has now been firmly placed in the 'Netflix Top Ten' in over 90 countries. I realise there are still many who have no idea what I am talking about, so let me briefly explain. Bridgerton is the period drama that has myself and the rest of the nation swooning. Not only are the costumes, the romance, enough to set hearts aflutter, the interiors provide the perfect design inspiration for anyone who enjoys being dazzled by colourful fabrics and who appreciates the use of layered textures, colours and fabrics.

Bridgerton is all about regency style and flamboyant details such as swags and tails, columns, urns brimming with blooms and feathers, fruit in elaborate metal bowls, French style furniture awash with gold elaborate acanthus carvings, ancestral oil paintings and spectacular glass chandeliers. Achieve this symbolic aesthetic in your home by styling large-scale urns with blooms and long leafy foliage in the centre of your dining table, and pair with French style carved gold chairs and sofas upholstered in silks or Regency stripe fabrics.

I could think of nobody better to team up with to assist me in bringing some "Bridgerton" inspired room style looks to life. And so, The French Bedroom Company are here on the blog today to recreate some of the dreamy interiors of the Bridgerton and Featherington households.

The Bridgerton Estate Lifestyle Inspiration

"The Bridgeton’s are powerful, elite, and beautiful. Their interior style, like the way they dress, reflects their refinement. Both Daphne’s bedroom and their sitting room has a colour palette of pale blue, rich cream and champagne gold, giving the rooms a serene feel..." The French Bedroom Company

The Featherington Estate Lifestyle Inspiration

"The Featheringtons are a nouveau riche family, who are paired in sharp contrast to the old-money Bridgertons. Their love of extravagance comes out in bright colours and embellishments – there’s no such thing as over accessorising when it comes to the Featheringtons..." The French Bedroom Company

Born out of a fascination of French designs, textures, craftsmanship, heritage, and history, The French Bedroom Company's collections are fun and feminine - with quality at the core. Beautifully made French designs combine with quirky and contemporary lighting and accessories to create interiors that are eye-catching, elegant, inspiring, chic and most importantly, unique.

I've picked out some key pieces for you using some of the main Bridgerton characters as inspiration. Click the image to find out the actual product name and to be taken to the product page to purchase the item.

To shop for any items within the lifestyle looks or any of the items I've highlighted in the gallery, please visit their website.


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