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Accessorise, Adorn, Array

Most of you will have realised by now that due to the climate in which my business and subsequent blog started, my posts have had a huge focus on bringing the "outside in".

And that is why I am very excited to be able to do that again today while we turn our attention to accessorising our homes with the perfect decor items. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the very elegant and silky white collection of decor items called White Folia, by Wedgwood.

Products that have been inspired by the beautiful, natural forms found in nature, it's a striking collection of fine Bone China. Each piece has its own unique pattern, so you can create your own bespoke collection - I instantly fell in love!

Accessorising is the part of your design that will add your "personality" to a space. And make your home unique to you. I wanted to share this collection with you because I think it's such a simplistic design, that doesn't intimidate. It's effortlessly chic and having it in your home would be impressive, but in a subtle and classy way.

If you've recently revamped your home, then I am of the opinion that it will be much easier to accessorise a totally empty space that has just been redecorated than a space that is in a different style to the one you are now wanting. And one of my great tips in this area of design, is, don't try to match everything! I believe your home will look more interesting if you don't fall into this trap, which is mostly by those who are still unsure of their unique interior style.

My Interior Styling Service is the perfect way for you to explore the different ways that you can adorn your home like a professional.


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