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We're All Going GaGa for Gucci!

Global audiences have been going gaga for Gucci over the past few weeks, thanks to the huge amount of publicity around the hit film ‘House of Gucci’, starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and Al Pacino. So much so, that apparently there has been a 131% rise in searches for ‘Vintage Gucci’ since the film was released on the 26th November!

Gucci homeware is purposefully designed to bring the eclectic, romantic aesthetic of your home to life in a way that enables one to create a surprising, joyous combination of hue, pattern and design where there are no rules. So, in honor of House of Gucci, I asked my Interior expert friends at Essential Living to compile the very best finds from vintage Gucci dating back to the 80s, to modern decor, and to also source some affordable alternatives to help you to bring a touch of high-end glamour to your home at a fraction of the price.

Plenty of off-white, chrome and a little velvet. This is what Gaga’s lavish life articulates throughout House of Gucci. The 'Souvenir from Rome' collection of furniture and decorative pieces have been designed by Creative Director of Gucci Alessandro Michele and are the perfect modern way to add a burst of tradition to your interiors, with motifs and patterns borrowed straight from their ready-to-wear collection.

Gucci's Herbarium motif depicts a whimsical Toile de Jouy design of cherry branches, leaves and flowers, inspired by a vintage fabric perfect for a "Gucci-fied" home. However, this wallpaper will set you back £200 per metre length.

This affordable wallpaper alternative gives you the essence of the Gucci classic floral, but without the hefty designer price tag. This Wayfair wallpaper costs £19.99 per roll.

If Gucci is your cup of tea then this set is perfect for your home. Crafted from ivory Richard Ginori porcelain, the demitasse cup comes as a set of two. The tea cup and saucer are printed with special details inspired by previous Gucci collections, resembling intricate architectural details, and with House codes sprinkled throughout.

"Maison de l'amour" appears on the saucer, surrounding the Gucci bee, while at the interior of the cup is a special hidden detail: the Star Eye. The eye logo will give visitors who finish their drink a fun surprise. Find the set on FarFetch for £400.

Affordable Alternative: Alice in Wonderland Cup & Saucer

This adorable ‘Alice in Wonderland’ teapot would be a playful but still sophisticated touch to any tea party, and costs just a tenth of the Gucci version.

The armchair in pink moiré fabric has a high-backed design that's reflective of a seashell. The fabric is specially woven to create a textured appearance that resembles waves, set on black metal legs. The main cushion is further enriched with a butterfly motif that is embroidered and then hand-applied, a process that takes approximately 5 hours to complete.

You’ll find this armchair on the Gucci website for an eye-watering £5,280.

Affordable Alternative: Vivian Velvet Cocktail Chair

This rose cocktail chair with a similar aesthetic will set you back only £149, much easier on the bank balance!

The beauty of using gold and brass in your home décor comes from the warmth the metallic shades and tones bring to any space. These disco-themed dining chairs are the epitome of luxury art deco design with a delicate balance between the brass snakeskin and gold buckle backs.

In a neutral, modern home, a sprinkle of gold or brass accessories will lift and energise the space, adding an elegant reflective quality that will contrast gracefully with wood or textured objects. Find these on Chairish for £9,800 for the set of 8.

If you’re still looking for the warmth and luxuriousness of the brassy dining chairs, this affordable modern alternative costs just £226.50.

Gucci Décor brings an accent of the brand's contemporary romanticism into the home while allowing for a flexible and personal approach to decoration. Crafted from wood, this stool has a lacquered black finish, enhanced by GG pattern jacquard upholstery interspersed with bees and stars—codes that have become synonymous with the House. Braided and knotted fringes, along with brass nail-heads detail the edges of the cushion.

For a real statement, you’ll find the stool on the Gucci website for £2,400.

Affordable Alternative: Contemporary black rose padded stool

Matching up with the black and white wallpaper, this Gucci alternative from costs just £64.99.

Originally founded by Guccio Gucci, the brand is now headed up by creative director, Alessandro Michele, who has re-established the brand's core identity of eclectic designs and vintage inspired prints and shapes. The eclectic collection displays a multitude of design motifs inspired by Michele’s fashion collections and reimagined for furniture, furnishings and crockery. It includes smaller porcelain pieces produced by Richard Ginori, four scents, metal trays, chairs, cushions, wallpapers and more.

This paneled screen features a sea creature jacquard depicting octopus and jellyfish. Designed to serve as an accent piece or a room divider, the screen is equipped with hinges that allow its width to be adjusted by closing or opening each panel. Brass nail heads enhance the silhouette and shaped top edges. You’ll find this three panel screen on the Gucci website for a staggering £23,190.

Affordable Alternative: Bloomsbury solid wood room divider

This beautiful rich deep green colour has been taking the reins in 2021, so why not add a splash to your home. This room divider from Wayfair will give any home an inspired italian vintage touch, and will cost you £192.99.

The phrase ‘less is more’ can ring especially true when it comes to living the high life. Even the smallest of offerings can have an elegant touch. Gucci's first Haute Perfumery line, The Alchemist's Garden unfolds within an imagined laboratory filled with curious jars and mesmerizing scents. Blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas under Alessandro Michele's creative direction, the collection is inspired by the art of alchemy and fragrance-making.

Gucci’s candles, moulded in coloured opaline Murano glass, take visual cues from medicine jars found in late 19th and 20th century pharmacies. The candle was blended to accompany the wearable scents and is presented in a porcelain jar to be displayed and enjoyed at home. For a sprinkle of luxury or a truly tasteful Christmas gift, find this on Gucci’s website for £520.

Affordable Alternative: Vanilla Spice Off White Candle

Bring a sense of elegance into your home this Christmas, with this White Vanilla Spice Candle Jar. by Cross & Hamblin at the wonderful price of £23.


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