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My 2022 Interior Design Trends

I think 2021 went rather quickly. It feels like only yesterday that as soon as we were all allowed to leave the house. I was at a much needed girly Bottomless Brunch sipping on copious amounts of Prosecco while enjoying the glorious spring sunshine.

The good thing for me, from a professional standpoint was that once lockdown lifted it seemed as though people were much more focused and committed on planning or starting their interior design projects over the summer months. And I had some great creative conversations.

It's been so much fun working with my clients this year. It allowed me to really hone in on the emerging trends and for me to share some of them with you in my end of year post.

Interior Design Style - Industrial

Cottagecore is still going strong but I feel there was definitely an emergence of a wonderful blend of modern, contemporary, and urban elements that makes up the unique industrial design style. It's an unapologetically rough around the edges look, for example, exposed brick and the use of coarse metals and unfinished wood etc, but you can incorporate comforting throws, furniture with modern lines and big sofas to make the style homey and stylish. Normally a very popular choice in commercial design, but I definitely think it's becoming popular within the residential market too as more people embrace sustainability and simplicity in their homes.

Structural Changes - Integrated Storage

We all want, an open & airy space that's also clutter free, but unfortunately for many of us our space can't always accommodate this wish. So, clever integrated storage is a popular and creative way to gain the extra storage you need. It's definitely a growing trend in kitchen design. And when it comes to more complex ideas, it's a good idea to plan this with your interior architect so that you can create a stylish hidden option to suit your particular storage needs, and improve on the original layout to add value to the property.

Paint Colours - Serene Greens

For me it's all about the calming colour of green, it's a fantastic hue to play around with and can be used in pretty much any room of your home. Whether it be a lighter or darker shade. It's a very relaxing and beautiful tone that obviously reminds us of nature. And from a Psychology perspective it represents tranquility, growth and renewal. All of the positive elements one needs to embrace when making changes to their home. And having it in your home means that it will be a constant reminder to welcome change throughout the entire year, and those thereafter, whether it's expected or unexpected.

Fixtures & Fittings - Shower Towers

This bathroom fixture is a few years old and has been growing and evolving ever since. I'm highlighting Shower Towers also known as Shower Panels, because they are becoming very popular due to their versatility and the fact that you can add your own preferences when it comes to shower heads etc. They are on trend for me next year because since they hit the market they are getting better and better in terms of design. So much so, that you can really have a truly authentic, luxury home spa experience tailored to suit your specific needs. They also look sleek and stylish.

Décor Item - Sculptural Vases

I love these decor items and I've included some recommendations on at least 2 of my design projects this year. A sculpted vase can help to elevate your space. The wonderful variation of textures, shapes and colours means that their addition is the "perfect finish" and they are a great idea for what I like to call the "resting eye" spot in a room. That is, where your eyes land while you go off on a day dream.

Statement Piece - Accent Chair

I love an accent chair no matter what time of year, these items will always be on trend for me, however, I do feel that next year we're going to see people being a lot more bold with these items. An affordable way to spruce up your space if you're not able to change wallpaper or paint.

Home Fabrics - Soft Velvet

Nothing soothes better than rubbing your hand over a smooth velvet cushion. Any accessory covered in this fabric adds a luxe vibe to any space in my opinion. It's on trend for me next year because it's a timeless fabric that can be updated whatever the season, and it will always give you a wonderful texture in your space.

There are so many other exciting design trends coming through next year, but I wanted to focus on some of the core ones to give you a starting point. If you need help putting together your ideas, then please get it touch.

Christmas is only a few days away so I'll leave you with my wonderful Christmas Lookbook for some "feel good" festive inspo. Merry Christmas!

Please click here to view my interior design services. I hope to work with you in the New Year!


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