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I've Launched My YouTube Channel!

To be honest, it was only a matter of time. In fact, before I put away my wedding blogging keyboard a few years ago, I was briefly tempted to keep it going and move into the well established world of Vlogging! But I was already aware of the hard work involved in growing a blog to to stand out and become award-winning.

The Inspiration behind my new channel, is that I think that videos could be a great way to answer many of the general design questions I get sent via email from time to time. That way, they are constantly online for people to search for and view and get an immediate answer or get the interior design tips they are looking for at their leisure. Also not everyone is a reader!

I launched the channel a few months ago and have been marketing it online to gain some lovely subscribers who have stuck around (lost a few) and continued to wait patiently for me to upload some content. I have made being in stuck in a Tier 4 work for me at the weekends and spent some of my spare time learning new software and putting my first video together. I uploaded it yesterday and I hope you like it!

I will continue to feature blog content because the videos will mostly be focused on "DIY" and "design trends" and hopefully some fab collaborations with brands and some of my peers. Basically content that's better conveyed and enjoyed visually.

Please show your support for my new channel. Take a look at my first video and don't forget to like and subscribe and share my video link. Thank you!


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