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Wallpaper Ideas & Inspiration

In a world that is limited on the travel we can do, and the adventures we can have at the moment. I am a huge advocate of exploring the different ways that we can escape to somewhere blissful, without having to hop on a plane or dive into a book. Sometimes, it's nice to just simply relax somewhere quiet. And it makes being able to relax much easier if you feel comfortable within the space you've chosen to take time out.

I think using wallpaper is an easy way to inject character & style into your design and it's definitely a great way execute a specific theme.

As with wall paint, there is an endless choice when it comes to wallpaper. So I suggest, shopping for it, room by room. The reason I suggest this, is because some designs will be more suitable than others within your project space.

Take your time when looking. I think, wallpaper is much harder to change - yes, you could just wallpaper over each time that you fancy a change. But every time that you do, you're reducing the durability, and longevity in my opinion. So pay attention to the not so fun details, such as, material type, and washability - yes, wallpaper comes with its own "care instructions" too!

My current favourite Wallpaper styles for this year are:-


Absolutely adore this style. Personally, I feel it ensured the survival of wallpaper. Often used to whisk you away to somewhere tropical this design is definitely a firm favourite for those of us who enjoy being creative. And it's why we've seen a rise of people using it on their ceilings. Bold and beautiful. The use of Botanical prints is definitely on the rise.


Anyone close to me will tell you how much I love fresh flowers! Even the ones I don't know the names of! This is an absolutely fantastic wallpaper style, bursting personality, and vibrancy. From vintage, to modern or contemporary - there is a flower pattern to suit every home! I even think that this pattern has evolved in such a way that it's modernised even the most vintage print style. No! We certainly won't be hiding this style away on the pantry walls!


This is one of my "go to" styles for the growing trend of having a statement wall, I think it's a great way to add personalty to a small space too. It's also a fab choice for those of us who like to keep things simple but still want to impress. Gone are the days where it's only used to create a retro look. I think this print works really well for those of you who have a more contemporary taste.

My current favourite places to visit on Instagram and to source wallpaper from at the moment are:-

Graham & Brown - luxury, artisan wallpapers are available here. You will fall in love with pretty much everything! Fantastic place to visit if you want up market help and advice too.

Wall Cover - for those of you who would like to bring their love of true art & fashion into their home and take their wall design to the next level. Super chic and stylish use of some of the worlds most famous pieces of art. Highly recommended for those who like to make a statement.

I Love Wallpaper - they have endless inspiration pictures, and their collection is modern and unique and very "on trend". I also think that they've made quality wallpaper affordable and accessible.



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