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Work From Home, My Style!

Just when we thought we were slowly emerging out of the other side of this Pandemic. We've been told to go back 3 spaces, and miss our next turn!!

For those of you who normally work from home or who have a place big enough to have a separate space to work from, this may be no big deal to you. But for those who may have been forced to create a new space within their home in order to ensure that they have that all important boundary between the two environments, this news will not be so well received. As a seasoned "work from homer" I've always proactively determined my work area within my homes, because I think it really helps to reduce any resentment that may arise from me being at home for both work and leisure time! But, of course, whatever "floats your boat" and makes you more comfortable to work from home is definitely what I am ultimately encouraging.

To soften the blow of this clear extension of the "those that can work from home are encouraged to do so" rhetoric, I am running a 6 week promotion on my Interior Styling service and giving 15% discount on the design fee, to anyone who is redesigning a room or small space into a home office or workspace. This Offer is redeemable if you book your consultation between 14th October - 25th November 2020.

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