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TikTok Users Share Their Top DIY Home Hacks (that actually work! :o)

TikTok has taught us a lot about the simple things in life and DIY home hacks are no different. With over 1 million global searches for DIY this past month, the rise of TikTok has opened our eyes to simple tricks which could not only save us precious time, but money in our everyday lives.

A few weeks ago the experts at OnBuy Drills got in touch with me to share the findings of their most recent investigation into the most popular DIY hacks that we should be doing according to TikTok. Along with the results, OnBuy Drills have also supplied a series of key safety tips to follow when handling DIY tools from home. And after personally spending the last few weeks getting stuck in with my own DIY and feeling super proud of myself for working so well with a drill and flat pack furniture, their findings caught my attention, and I jumped at the opportunity, to share them with you all on the blog today!

1. Removing candle wax from furniture with ice cubes

With Christmas approaching, many will start putting candles out to celebrate the festive season. However, if you do ever spill candle wax on furniture, avoid scraping it off! Instead, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and place over the wax. The wax will harden enough so that it can be picked off without ruining your expensive mahogany. TikToker @diyonthefly amazed followers with this beneficial hack gaining 458,000 views

2. Drilling a hole at the bottom of your bin

Don’t we all just hate that feeling when you can’t seem to get your bin bag out of the bin. Did you know that drilling a hole in the side of your bin will keep the bag from getting stuck? This gets rid of the vacuum-like seal, helping to easily pull out the bag. However, avoid drilling the holes too low, because that might cause a mess with the bin bag leaking. As seen by @familyhandyman displaying in a TikTok video of this life changing hack.

3. Drilling a drainage hole into your plant pot or vases

A drill is a handy, multipurpose tool to use around the house, and it can even be used to drill holes into pots and vases to make the perfect plant pot. Start off with a firm amount of pressure, push the drill into the pot, until the drill bit digs into the surface. Always use a consistent, medium speed to avoid the drill bit spinning too fast. A viral video by TikTok user @justcrazyplantmom with 88,000 views showed followers step by step how to safely do so.

4. Use a plastic glove and sock to paint uneven areas

To paint uneven areas such as staircase spindles, the quickest way to do so is by putting on a rubber glove, followed by a sock, then using your hand to paint. A viral video from TikToker @diywithemma demonstrated the job can be done in a fraction of the time, accumulating 3.5 million views for this DIY hack.

5. Remove rust from tools and stainless steel

To remove any rust from tools or stainless steel, you simply place them in a tub or container with white vinegar and table salt. As seen on TikTok, @mrfixitdiy demonstrates the impressive results after soaking tools for 24 hours, gaining 3.2 million views with this hack.

6. Remove rust from tools and stainless steel

To remove any rust from tools or stainless steel, you simply place them in a tub or container with white vinegar and table salt. As TikTok user, @mrfixitdiy demonstrated the impressive results after soaking tools for 24 hours, gaining 3.2 million views with this hack for the home.

7. Use a hairdryer to get crayon marks off the walls

When kids get their hands on crayons it can spell disaster, however @aftontaylor on TikTok has taught us a simple way to remove all traces of it in their video hack. Start by using a hairdryer to heat the wall for a few seconds to soften the crayon wax, then wipe off with a soft cloth.

8. The right way to use a bin bag

The easiest way to use a bin bag is simply placing the opened drawstring edge over the top rim of the rubbish bin, then pushing down inside the bag removing all the air. TikToker @ch0zi stunned fans with this easy hack, reaching 22.9 million views.

And as it's Christmas OnBuy Drills have gone the "extra mile" for us, and also provided some useful safety tips when handling DIY tools at home:

  1. Always wear protective clothing such as safety glasses, gloves and dust masks, to avoid any injuries.

  2. Always use the correct tools for the job! It’s better to invest in high quality tools, as they will not only get the job done quicker and safer, but they will come in handy again for future DIY projects.

  3. When using knives or sharp objects, never cut towards you, as a slip on a finger could easily provoke injuries.

  4. When using tools such as hammers, use a needle nose plier when hammering small nails into the wall. Trying to hold small nails with your fingers can be dangerous, using a needle nose plier will ensure that your fingers are out of the way.

  5. And most importantly, ladders are one of the main causes of DIY accidents. Ensure that you never lean to one side of the ladder, as you could lose your balance. If you are unable to reach the designated area, pause and adjust the ladder closer.

Small Print Alert - All data was obtained by OnBuy Drills on 3rd November 2021 and is accurate as of then and subject to change.

Now go and have some fun with your hands! And don't forget to share the ones that worked for you, on your preferred Social Media platform using the HashTag: #EburyCollectionTickTockHacks

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