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Should We Add a Rug?

Personally speaking, I think a rug can "make or break" your space. May seem like I am stating the obvious, but I really don't think you know until your flooring is down, and certain furniture items have been picked out and perhaps temporarily laid out in the space. Rugs add personality with minimal effort and without you having to clutter the place, you just roll it out and - job done!

In the past it has been very popular for those with an intimate home to create the comforting layered style by using patterned or Moroccan style rugs. Whereas in a larger home, perhaps in the dining room, a huge handcrafted statement rug has been quite rightly made the focal point.

Focusing on some of the design trends for this year, such as monochromatic designs, and patterned area rugs, you can really keep it interesting. And to give you a helping hand, my new advertiser - The largest Rug Retailer in the UK & Ireland, not only have thousands of rugs and mats available at affordable prices. They currently have a sale on!

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