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My Honest Bathroom Advice

It has been a while since I had a play on words with my title! And today I've had fun with the fact that I will be giving you some of my top tips when it comes to bathroom design as well as sharing some key design advice from Lily & Paul; the in-house design team at The Honest Bathroom Company.

Bathroom and Kitchen design projects are the more complex areas of the home, and that's why I always advise my potential clients to allow me to complete a comprehensive in-person space evaluation. After all, they are the spaces that can truly elevate your home and consequently add value.

"Having somebody with technical expertise speeds up the process and ultimately gets your new dream bathroom delivered sooner. Knowing what is suitable for your space and which additional products may be needed can pay dividends; especially when things are delivered." Lily Power - The Honest Bathroom Company

I've realised that where I, as a designer, seem to have added the most value when assisting my clients with a Design Concept for their bathroom, is when I've guided them in identifying (and sticking to) a budget, giving them ideas on how to navigate any recommended plumbing changes, while still assisting them to create a fully functional and stylish bathroom.

I like to partner with The Honest Bathroom Company on certain projects because I'm then given access to their in-house installation team to ensure all installations are delivered to a consistently high standard, while also maintaining product guarantees.

Knowing the lead times and where manufacturers are means that I can avoid lengthy importation delays because The Honest Bathroom Team works directly with suppliers in Italy to ensure clients are not impacted by their yearly summer shutdown.

We've realised that this merging of the different elements of what an interior designer can offer on a bathroom project coupled with the intricate knowledge of specialist bathroom designers, really is a "dream team" combination for our clients, and is the reason why we have teamed up to host a Design event next week. A full day dedicated to creating breathtaking luxury bathrooms. I'll also be able to assist you with any informal questions or queries you may have for any of the other rooms / spaces of your project, outside of the bathroom.

Join us on 16th June by booking a slot anytime from 11am - 7pm. Or just drop in.

We'd love to see you there!


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