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My 2021 Interior Design Trends

Despite the pandemic, I personally feel that the beauty of life, still managed to shine through for me. I realised this, when I recently took a nostalgic browse through the pictures that I have taken over the summer months and the screen grabs that I took of the funny faces that some of my friends and family made over Zoom or FaceTime. And for that I am truly grateful, because I know that this is certainly not the case for those who have lost loved ones, their job, their home or all three.

So as the surreal year that was 2020 nears its end. I think we're all "fully loaded" with optimism for the coming year, and the opportunity to focus on things that uplift us. And the interior design industry trends for next year, are definitely going to do that!

Interior Design Style - Cottagecore

A modern interior design style that only recently emerged in the past decade thanks to the internet. The aesthetic focuses on escapism, rural living and basically being "at one with nature". I'm not surprised that this is on-trend for next year. People wanting to bring the "outside, in" has become extremely popular for obvious reasons. Be careful though, there's an art to bringing a style like this to life with sophistication.

Structural Changes - Roof Lanterns

A clever architectural feature of a purposely designed window built into your (large) roof. These natural light giving features, are a wonderful way to brighten up your home and make it seem more spacious. A growing demand has risen this past year, probably to due those challenging periods that we've come to know as "lockdown". If you have a property that's big enough, then they work brilliantly in an open plan kitchen/living area.

Paint Colours - Earthy

With the huge focus on sustainability next year and the years to come, I think the use of earthy, natural tones will be quite popular in residential spaces. As well as earthy tones, I think greens and blues will also be popular, to remind us of the forest and the ocean. There are some gorgeous tones available.

Fixtures & Fittings - Copper Taps

I can see a theme in next year's trends emerging! Copper taps are going to be "all the rage" next year, they've been growing in popularity for the last 2-3 years, and with the general theme being environmental, then these "no frills" style taps are the perfect choice for your project!

Décor Item - Dried Flowers

I am a huge fan of dried flowers, and have been known to use them around my home from time to time. This trend prediction aligns with sustainability and all of the elements of my other 2021 trend suggestions. Some of the best flower types to use to successfully execute this idea, are Gomphrenas, Lavender, German Statice and Eucalyptus leaves.

Statement Piece - Antiques

Antiques - obviously a "must have" in any vintage design. But I also think that you can make a nice reference to it when going for other interior styles too, for example, Scandinavian. I definitely think that this past year has made us all have a more than usual fondness for the past and a prompted respect for things of old and times now past. And antique furniture is a wonderful way to "step back in time". Personally, I don't think antique furniture will ever be off of my trends list!

While we're all focusing on what the New Year will bring I'd like to remind you all to enjoy this last month of 2020, as best as you can.

I would like to say a huge "Thank you" to all of my site advertisers for endorsing me. And to all of you lovely readers of my new blog, your support is truly appreciated too. I look forward to connecting with you all next year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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