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Metallic Christmas trees are having a moment!

Silver is the leading trend of the moment, with disco-tastic metallic coats, trousers, accessories and more making a popular appearance throughout 2023.

Wayfair Metallic trending trees

From silver foil to sequins, the stylish appeal of the fashion trend is spilling over into the world of interiors, with a magnificent merry look set to dazzle in homes this December.


Leading online home furnishings retailer, Wayfair ( has reported a 2000% increase* in searches for metallic trees.


Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Dee Fontenot, commented on the trend:- “The tinsel tree is both futuristic and nostalgic in equal measure. A super fun, standout look, a shimmering silver tree is perfect for those who love to entertain at home during the festive season, bringing the party vibes to your living space. Go all out silver in your decor to embrace 70s retro, or mix in bright pops of colourful decs for a dopamine dressing hit.”

To bring the look to life, Wayfair has teamed up with lifestyle influencer All About Alo, who has shared her top tips ahead of National Tree Dressing Day on 4th December.

“Metallics always have a moment this time of year but we’re seeing a more maximalist approach at the moment. From silver trousers on the high street to silver trees, it’s a great way to inject some fun and glamour to your Christmas decorating. People tend to stick to a theme with tree decoration and this is an extension of that, with the tree following suit too!”

Wayfair Metallic Christmas

Metallic trees…All About Alo shares more on how to recreate the look 

What are your top tips to dress a metallic tree to make it feel stylish and sophisticated?

“In this case, more is more! Ensuring the tree looks full and bushy and well adorned is the way to go. Use foil lametta in any gaps and drape artistically on the branches. Adding some disco balls is a great idea as when the light catches these it is really spectacular. A tree skirt is key, especially with a faux tree to cover up the stand and adds another element of interest to the set up.”

Your 2-3 Christmas tree dressing hacks?

1. Really spend time pulling apart the branches and stretching them out to get a bushy look.

2. Build the look up in layers, lights always first!

3. Keep it personal and fun. Adding homemade touches or baubles that represent you makes for a tree full of character. 

Your simple step by step guide to recreate the look?

- First set up the tree by slotting each part together. When the base is on, put the tree upright with the tree skirt in place (you don’t want to be doing this later when it’s decorated!).

- Really spend time unfolding the branches, try to achieve a balanced and bushy look. Add the lights - don’t forget to plug them ready to go too. 

- Add bead garlands in a loop arrangement, double the layers up and arrange to create a draped effect. You can bend the tips of the branches upwards over these to hold in place.

- Add your first layer of lametta, push this into any gaps in the branches and pull apart and drape on the tips to create a cascading effect. 

- Now it’s time for baubles! Add these around the tree, remember to step back from time to time to ensure there is a good covering all over.

- To finish add some more lametta around the tree and of course, don’t forget the star on top! 

What are your Christmas styling essentials for this look?

A fab tree skirt and some disco balls really make the look and create more impact. Of course an assortment of glittery and light reflecting baubles (the more the merrier) is key to create the metallic magic. Having Christmas music on when you’re setting it up is also an essential!

Wayfair Metallic Christmas

This Christmas, Wayfair invites you to embrace your style and space, inviting colour and joy into your home. It’s time to ‘Go Your Own Wayfair’ for Christmas 2023.

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