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It's Called Autumn Sunrise!

Can you name the movie & favourite scene that I've borrowed this line from?! I'm using it for my post today, not because I've just had my hair done but because I'd like to focus your attention on the other home decor inspiration that's available to you to adorn your home with instead of Halloween. I want to highlight all of the wonderful hues, textures and stylish home interiors that have been inspired by this wonderful season that we call autumn.

I love all of the seasons individually for the unique elements that they offer. And like all of the others, autumn for me is a great season for being outside in nature. Colours within nature at this time of year are vibrant and mesmerizing and from a creative perspective it's a great season if you love to write poetry.

Having recently moved into a new home myself. I'm enjoying putting my personal Design Concept together. I've been scouting around for suitable furniture and decor ideas, and I became inspired to sprinkle a little autumnal motivation on my blog for those of you currently working on or planning your own interior design project at the moment and that would like to add a small seasonal touch.


Recently, I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with clients who have been "open to ideas" and very willing to enjoy the process of working with me. A few of my Design Concepts for them have included the addition of a feature wall because I think wallpapers are a great way to make a space interesting. I also think that they're a great way to revamp a space without having to spend huge amounts of money.

My top pick this season is: -

Autumn Forest Wall Mural


Warm and inviting tones are popular during this season, lots of burnt orange, deep reds, timeless terracotta shades and calming greens should be included within any colour palette you choose for your design.

My top pick this season is: -

Red Earth


I think during this season my "go-to" art style would have to be Abstract. I love the fact that by definition, it doesn't attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead uses shapes, colours, and varying forms etc, meaning that it's open to interpretation and you can see something different each time that you look at it, It also evokes different reactions within you too. Which is why I find some executions of this style of art quite spiritual.

My top pick this season is:-

Autumn Evening


In my humble opinion, no space is complete without the addition of these wonderful aspects of interior design, regardless of the time of year. I think unique fabrics, big throws and furry rugs are all key if you want to create a warm, inviting and protective environment this coming winter. Autumn fabric patterns often reflect all that can be seen in nature at this time of year, but you can always "break the mould" and opt for patterns that don't have autumn leaves on!

My top picks this season are:-

Meander Fabric by Christopher Farr

Colton Faux Fur Throw


The perfect way to add a pop of colour, is by adding some bright and striking accent items. For example, cushions are a wonderfully varied accent that can add some much-needed brightness to an otherwise monochromatic space. Interesting decorative accents can be chosen to make them a focal point within the space also.

My top picks for this season are: -

Suki Velvet Cushion by Christina Lundsteen

Eliza Velvet Armchair

Joseph Coat House Plant

Beige Premium Velvet Retrostar Chair


Sometimes window treatments are used as the focal point of a space, and autumnal shades and patterns would be perfect. If you want to keep the heat in during winter, then maybe opt for some luxurious "blackout" curtains.

My top picks this season are: -

Hampton Butterscotch Eyelet Curtains

Lokho Flame Roman Blind

Look at this wonderful shortlist?! Not a carved-out Pumpkin in sight! If you'd like to explore additional interior decor ideas, then take a look at my Autumn Homes board.

If you'd like my professional help with your current project, then please get in touch.


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