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Is Your Bed Made?

I am so excited about today's post! I am very pleased to announce that for my first offer to you lovely people, I've teamed up with super stylish furniture retailer, I've been a fan of the brand for many years and I simply adore their products, so it's definitely a "dream come true" for me!

And while we're speaking of "dreams", this actually ties in nicely with their promotion. No doubt at one stage or another over the past few weeks, we've all been struggling to sleep. As the hours seem to roll on and on and on....... bedtime can seem as though it's come around way to early because you're not tired enough to sleep yet. Or perhaps you're super stressed about all of the other dramas this horrid virus has brought into your life, in one way or another (Big virtual hug if that's you! <3).

It was thinking of people that might be struggling to sleep and the subsequent mental health issues that can occur alongside a lack of sleep, is why I jumped at the chance to assist with promoting this wonderful offer.

From today, they are offering 20% OFF certain items for the bedroom + free delivery on beds. (20% OFF will include only beds & bedroom accessories. NO bedroom furniture). So take advantage of this offer, and revamp your sleeping space to enhance the chances of you having a good night's sleep.

This offer is open to all visitors to their website. Offer ends on Wednesday 20th May. xx

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