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How To Design the Perfect Shelfie!

You all know by now, that from time to time, I love a little play on words with my blog titles and today's headline fun is due to the fact, that I think that people's desire to have the perfect shelf layout has become just as popular as the taking of a good "selfie".

We all want that "we'd like to feature your room in our magazine" type look and today's post is hopefully going to give you the key basics that you will need to have in mind before you start shopping around for items to populate your shelves with.

As with most interior design projects, you should start with a plan and decide on a budget if you want to, because when it comes to the perfect shelf layout, organised variation is essential in my opinion .

To make it easy, I'll group them for you. I think you will need a variation from 3-4 of these decor groups depending on the size of your project.

Group 1 - Books

No book shelf looks right without them! But if you're really not a reader and you want them just for a design feature, then you could cheat and get some "fake books" or books that are hollow inside and are literally created for this very purpose while giving you some clever storage.

Group 2 - Plants

Unless a client has an allergy etc, I always try to incorporate a plant suggestion in my Design Concepts. Plants are a "must have" in any room, they make your home feel alive, and they can also improve the air quality in the space. Not to mention their relaxing qualities, they are definitely a great accent for any space.

Group 3 - Pictures (in frames)

These items add a personal touch, and nothing says "home sweet, home" more than pictures of your memories, perhaps mixed in with some nice pieces of art.

Group 4 - Sculptures

Sculpted decor items are a great way to show off the various elements of your chosen style and colour scheme as they will have a bit of detail within them that ties in somehow. They also make your design interesting and a pleasure to look at. And they certainly are the best way to add that much needed texture and depth of detail.

Group 5 - Candles or LED lights

Scented candles are always a great choice. But equally, there are some very unique and unusual LED candle lights that might suit you better. Think luxury scented candles for this sort of project because they are always beautifully made.

Group 6 - Vase

Choose different colours, shapes and textures for depth. Just make sure that they are a style match. For example, if you have a small 15cm pot plant then opt for a 20cm tall vase for a cleaner eyeline.

Once you have all your shelving loot gathered together, you're now at the stage where you can plan the layout of your display.

My shelving layout top tips

  • Generally you should mix and match the sizes of each item on your shelves. If you have a load of small items don't place them all together as your space will look cluttered.

  • Books don't have to be displayed upright, lay them flat and perhaps place a small item on top for creativity.

  • Have fun with it, and trust your gut, and what you like, perhaps start with the key items that you know that you want to include and work everything else around them.

  • To help you to visualise what a well thought out shelf looks like, I've created a Pinterest Board for you. Take a look to be inspired and to gain the confidence to start your own shelving design project. I've also pinned some wonderful items that would be the perfect addition to any shelf design project!


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