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How to Conceal Home Technology in a Period Property Renovation

Now that's a challenging thought for those of you faced with this dilemma within your project and that still want to preserve the history and character of the building.

There will be very few (being optimistic) period properties that will have up-to-date wiring and modern wiring is the core element of any home technology system that has been designed to enhance your space and make your life easier. And thankfully, there are a lot of high-end wireless solutions out there these days that you can mix into the design without too much effort.

While some may look at this as daunting element of their project. I think it's a real opportunity to be creative and add the modern, luxury glamour in a sophisticated and discreet way, that because most period properties have lots of little spaces and hidden alcoves that you can use, for example, you could use these spaces to hide wires, or build in your own bespoke cabinets and shelving. You could even use integrated flush "touch" wall switches. You could probably even get rid of switches altogether if you're a fan of using your smartphone to perform this task for you by setting up the "switch" feature or by downloading a light switch app etc.

This is why I was inspired to share this latest concealed home cinema project by Pure Theatre because it definitely has character and abundance in terms of mod-cons.

The property is situated on the former Lilleshall Hall Estate and the property now sits within the boundaries of the Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre in Shropshire.

So I'll hand the blog over to them so they can talk us through this stylish renovation. :)

With renovations of this kind preserving an original aesthetic is very important. So when the owners started looking at renovating the old carport into a living space they had a very specific look in mind. Featuring a beautifully crafted half wood panelling and flag stone floor the room exudes class.

With a view to this becoming the main living room in the property the owners were keen to install a system which could be utilised everyday for television as well as for movies. Whilst browsing at the Home Building and Renovation show the owners stumbled across Pure Theatre's stand. After returning home and realising how close the showroom was they booked in for a demo.

And after seeing the recessed ceiling screen and lift in action they knew this was the perfect solution for a discrete entertainment system for their period property.

The finished room includes a CR50 projector lift and CR240 projector screen. Projection comes from the ever popular Epson EH-TW 9400 projector. Everything hides away at the touch of a button meaning the owners have a beautifully elegant lounge when required and a space to watch their favourite TV shows and movies.

The panelling not only looks incredible it also hides many of the other elements of the system. Clever use of cabinetry under the front bay hides all of the AV equipment including a pioneer AV Receiver.

Discrete in wall speakers are neatly fixed behind bespoke grills within the panelling. Teamed up with four in-ceiling speakers and an in-ceiling subwoofer the audio quality in this room is second to none.

The result is a beautifully crafted period living room with a discretely integrated modern entertainment hub that the owners use every single day.

If you are currently renovating a period property then get in touch and book a demo to see how to conceal your home entertainment and preserve the beauty of your living space. Visit to book a demo.


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