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Home Sweet Home?

Today my blog post has been inspired by lots of different things. The fact that I am currently attempting to raise a small amount of money on behalf of the various charities who work hard to end homelessness & poverty in the UK. A fleeting comment made by my a family member during a brief discussion about the cost of living crisis. And by the fact that in my spare time, I get paid to make peoples homes beautiful.

When I'm working on a design project, it often crosses my mind of how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads and to be kept safe at night and that unfortunately, this is no longer a reality for a growing number of people. Especially as the cost of living has risen so much and due to the fact that the pandemic left a huge amount of people out of work and consequently unable to pay their living costs to the point that they no longer have a home and are now living on the streets.

So, I just want to use my blogger voice to share some statistics of the homeless that perhaps many of you are not aware of (I certainly wasn't) I thought just giving money and or food (some of my homeless friends are my "chief tasters" for my cupcakes) when I see them was enough, but since signing up to take part in CEO Sleepout London I've been introduced to some amazing charities who are working hard to end homelessness and reduce poverty in the UK and I've been learning that there's a whole list of other problems that those living on the streets face, and they are extremely vulnerable and in need of lots of other support.

Did you know that:-

  • The average age of death for people experiencing homelessness is 46 for men and 42 for women.

  • 1 in 23 black households become homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless, compared to 1 in 83 households from all other ethnicities

  • People sleeping on the street are almost 17 times more likely to have been victims of violence. More than one in three people sleeping rough have been deliberately hit or kicked or experienced some other form of violence whilst homeless.

  • Homeless people are over nine times more likely to take their own life than the general population.

Rather than just going to one charity, the money that I raise will be shared to a few, meaning your donation will go even further. I am asking for a small donation of £10. And if you can donate more, then that would be amazing and deeply appreciated because I know that we are living in times where most of us are struggling financially, but let's not forget there is always someone worse off than you so we need to help each other along whenever we can.

You can make a secure online donation to my Just Giving Page. THANK YOU! <3

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