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Charity Begins at Home: Artbox London

It's no secret that we appreciate modern art here at The Ebury Collection so I am very pleased that today, I'm able to introduce you to some pieces of art available from Artbox London.

They introduced themselves to me last year and I love what they do, so, I wanted to share some of the work created by their members which you can purchase for your home, while also shedding light on the fantastic work that this registered charity does for its artistic members.

Artbox London is a multifaceted organisation that serves as a registered charity, social enterprise, and assisted studio. The organisation is dedicated to providing art workshops, trips to galleries, exhibitions, and sales opportunities for artists with learning disabilities and autism. By doing so, Artbox aims to improve the well-being and inclusion of people with learning disabilities and autism, while also increasing their visibility in the community and raising the profile of their artwork in the wider art world.

Their studio is located near Caledonian Road and operates six days a week. They have approximately 90 artists that they work with and who come from various London boroughs such as Islington, Camden, Hackney, and Haringey to work at the studio.

The organisation offers professional work opportunities for their artists, which helps to increase their visibility in the local community. This initiative aims to enhance the mental health and the social well-being of people with learning disabilities by reducing feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. As the beneficiaries create, exhibit, and sell their art, they develop greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-pride.


Click on a piece to learn more and purchase


Artbox workshops provide a supportive environment for artists to create original and striking artworks. With the help of art tutors, volunteers, and fellow artists, the studio is filled with creativity and conversation as they paint, draw, print, sculpt and build friendships.

Artbox is a welcoming and secure environment that encourages adults with learning disabilities and autism to explore their artistic abilities, build meaningful relationships with individuals both with and without disabilities, and feel a sense of belonging in a community that values art appreciation over any perceived labels that may be attached to their disabilities.

Exhibitions and sales offer artists the opportunity to showcase their unique talents to a wider audience and serve as a platform for selling their artwork, allowing them to make money from their creativity. These events not only bring a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment to the artists, but also contribute to their overall well-being.


Click on a piece to learn more and purchase

Artbox London offers a variety of original artwork and prints for sale on their website and by purchasing from Artbox, you are supporting both the organization and the artists they represent. A portion of the profits from art sales goes directly to the artists, which helps them feel valued and appreciated for their work. Additionally, your purchase helps fund workshops and other initiatives offered by Artbox.


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