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"Barbicore" a Celebration of Maximalism and Bold Pink Tones

Greta Gerwig’s live-action Barbie movie is set to be released later this month and "Barbiecore" and an obsession for pink are rising in popularity, both in fashion and interior design. Barbie is one of the most highly anticipated films in recent years and is almost guaranteed to be a fan favourite.

In this blog post I'll delve into the world of Barbie and suggest ideas for how you can join the trend and incorporate a little bit of pink into your décor.

Pink has become synonymous with Barbie and embodies the essence of the iconic doll. It represents femininity, glamour, and a world of imagination and creativity. The significance of pink in Barbie goes beyond aesthetics; it embodies a powerful message of self-confidence, positivity, and the power to dream big. So why not incorporate that into your own home?

Pink wallpaper can transform any space into a charming and delightful haven. The soft and soothing hue can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Whether you choose a subtle blush or a vibrant fuchsia, you can use wallpaper to add a touch of colour to any room. Pink wallpaper can be versatile, lending itself to various design styles, from romantic and vintage to modern and chic. It can be paired with neutral tones for a sophisticated look or combined with bold accents for a statement-making focal point.

Barbie Dreamhouse Vertical Ice Cream Stripes Pastel Pink Wallpaper by Bobbi Beck

As an alternative to wallpaper, pink paint is a vibrant and expressive choice that's cheaper and offers less commitment. Whether used as an accent shade or covering an entire wall, pink paint can create a bold statement or a subtle pop of colour, making it a versatile option for both modern and traditional interiors. Additionally, pink accent accessories, such as cushions, artwork, or candles can add a charming touch of pink to a space where you may not want to make a big statement. Temporary small changes can allow you to embrace the buzz around the film, without altering the aesthetic of your space.

Pastel Dreams Bedroom by Furniture and Choice

Barbiecore by Wayfair

However, if you are looking for inspiration to fully commit to the Barbie aesthetic, pink maximalism may be the way to do so.

Pink maximalism is a design style that embraces the bold, vibrant, and extravagant use of the colour pink. It goes hand in hand with the essence of Barbiecore, which represents the iconic doll's signature aesthetic.

The style takes the concept of pink to the next level, immersing spaces in an explosion of hues, patterns, and textures. From pink walls adorned with playful wallpaper to plush pink furniture and accessories, this style captures the essence of Barbie's desirable world. It celebrates excess, confidence, and a fearless approach to design, encouraging Barbie enthusiasts to fully embrace their love for all things pink and create spaces that are as bold and bubbly as the doll herself.

If the pink interior is a bit much for you, how about taking the Barbie obsession outdoors? Barbie sun-loungers are the epitome of style and relaxation for any Barbie enthusiast, providing the perfect setting for the doll and her friends to soak up the sun in their fashionable world. Accessorise your sun-lounger with hot pink accessories, such as cushions, towels, and an outdoor rug.

Barbiecore Garden Party by Wayfair

Barbie-inspired interior design opens up a world of endless creativity. It can allow you to bring the magic and glamour of Barbie into your own living space. Whether you choose to do it through pink accents, bold textures, or playful details, embracing Barbie's iconic aesthetic can turn any room into a glamourous haven that captures the essence of imagination, empowerment, and beauty.


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