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3 Top Tips for Introducing Green into Interior Schemes

With the ongoing love of botanicals and nature-inspired interiors, green is one of the most coveted colours this year. Victoria Atkin shares some tips on how to introduce this colour crush into the home.

Pick Purposefully

Calvin Olive Green Armchair in Velvet and Linen £449

“Use the colour with purpose. Green is in its element when placed in bright south-facing rooms; effortlessly creating an ethereal look. When adding it to a darker, north-facing room or those with a blueish hue, opt for warmer tones with complimentary contrasting colours, such as deep purples, to create a sophisticated feel.”

Small Statements

Carnaby Footstool in Emerald Green Velvet £129

“If you’re not ready to paint the walls or invest in a larger piece, try a smaller statement such as an emerald green footstool. Complement this rich jewel hue and add a touch of luxury with plush velvet and metallics.”

Pick the Perfect Spot

Emmeline Olive Green Velvet Armchair £449

“Add a spot of green to areas where it can best reflect the tones of mother nature such as bay windows. It will draw the eye while seamlessly linking the indoors with the outdoors. Alternatively, add it to windowless rooms such as bathrooms to lighten and expand the space.”

Visit the at Atkin & Thyme website to browse some more of their stunning home interiors.


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